Family Of Ailing Ginjal Kegagalan Lady Banding Untuk N8m Life-Lin


Every man, every lady on the ground of this earth, has his or her snug situation, now not topic how courageous, intrepid and intrepid they’re.

Certainly, it is a passionate call for you to converse your milk of human kindness in you. It’s miles now not misplaced, it’s now not forgotten, for in exact truth, nothing is definitely misplaced on this earth airplane.

Be aware, the merely, the lend a hand and the kindness we fabricate to others, occupy ways of returning again to us in a thousand fold.

Fact is that the despicable we also fabricate to others will within the waste arrive again to us, both on this converse existence, or the following.

Bakare Kehinde Ewumi Odunoye , forty 9, is an indigene of Ota, in Ogun Instruct. South-west Nigeria.

But, she is at the moment down with kidney failure and he or she wants about N8million to head for a kidney transplant operation in but another country, in converse to discontinue alive.

This space does now not enable photos. I may possibly occupy posted her photos for the field to recognize.

Her elder sister suggested this author on phone, Monday that when her husband, Bakare, found December closing yr, that the wife became once increasing turning into worn and haggard-searching, complaining of all forms of ailments, he complained to her elder sister.

Her words: “A decision became once reached to purchase her to the Traditional Successfully being facility in Ikeja, Lagos, on January Four, 2020, where series of medical examinations conducted on her printed by the doctors, printed she had kidney failure and wanted to enact kidney transplant in but another country. ”

In step with the sister, “initially when she became once taken to the health center, the husband, members of the family, family and successfully wishers contributed N51,000 per day, three times per week for her dialysis”.

On Monday, January 27, 2020, her sister suggested this author that her sibling, who became once now not admitted to the health center, but attends the health center three times per week, can pay N41,000, per day, every time she involves the health center.

Calculation reveals that N41,000 times three days per week interprets to N123,000 per week and N492,000 monthly.

Having exhausted their money, the family of the ailing lady is therefore appealing passionately to public keen folks, groups, corporations and government agencies to arrive again to the aid of Bakare Kehinde, as she became once suggested by the doctors that she wants N8million s to jog in but another country for a kidney transplant.

Right here are the deepest significant factors of the ailing lady.


Monetary institution: Guarantee Belief Monetary institution

Record No: 0558885507

Tel No: 08104372280


Elder sister’s Tel No;


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